"Pakistan is the proud birth place of the Fresh Sip water brand as it is where this tremendously successful local brand was launched in 2018 Alhamdulilah. Fresh Sip offers gentle and smooth taste for the whole generation. Fresh Sip guarantee by a specific production process carried out under strict hygiene conditions which ensure that the quality of the water is preserved right up to the place where you buy it."
Azeem Kazim has been associated with the family business since his early days. He bears an impressive profile detailing an unprecedented track record bedecked and evenly interspersed with illustrious achievements and services on various fronts during his professional career. From his educational record to professional acumen Azeem Kazim stands out par excellence. After completing his high school from Aitchison College, he went for a graduation from Fc College University and then completed his MBA from Premiere College University. After completing his education, he joined his family business with his father and brothers. He managed the portfolio of industrial equipment’s related items and promoted the Family business by introducing marketing and integration strategies. He was instrumental in setting up new units and acquiring new projects. He is at present planning to expand the business in different cities as well. Currently he is successfully running family business with the well-known name of St Chaudhry & Company, Azeem Brothers and ANR Trading. He is responsible for the vendor management and Procurement of Fresh Sip.
Nadeem Kazim is the legal counsellor and he is responsible to maintain Company’s compliance with local and international laws, policies and to safeguard legal claims made by The Fresh Sip in Pakistan. He has done his high school from Aitchison College and graduated from Fc College University and after completion of degree in LLB from Pakistan Law College, and worked as a legal counsellor with many high known Judges. He is currently legal advisor in many Government and Non-Government firms. He is as an integral part of The Company today, considering the extensive and crucial parameters of legal affairs entailed in its operations. He is the firefighter of The Company. His work needs attention to detail and there is no room for mistakes. To maintain such decorum, Nadeem Kazim makes sure that he doesn't panic and always think logically to resolve matters. Currently he is running his own chamber as well with the name of Consultelilegali.
Raheem Kazim is currently looking the operations of Fresh Sip in Pakistan. He has been serving in a number of different business functions in different multinational companies and Government sectors during his early career, including Operations, Sales and Marketing, Customer Services, IT operations and Public Affairs and Communications (PA&C).After completing his high school from Aitchison College, he went for a graduation from Fc College University and then completed his MIT from The California University.Over the time Raheem Kazim has steered the transformation of Fresh Sip into one of the leading socially responsible organizations in the country, by forging strong partnerships with local communities, NGOs and government agencies. Under his leadership, the Company has carried out several successful interventions in different fields. Before Fresh Sip he was working with different organizations which include Citi bank, Align Technologies, Warid Telecom and Punjab IT Board.
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