Bottled Water Standard as per Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority

Bottled drinking water is water other than natural mineral water which is filled into hermetically sealed containers/bottles of various compositions forms, and capacities that is safe and suitable for direct consumption. Bottled drinking water is included in the category of food. Fresh Sip water is prepared in a manner that all standards of quality control are managed as per defined standards

Fresh Sip Water Key Factors

  • Focus on quality - Maintained international standard quality.
  • Constant improvement in system like
    • State-of-the-art technology.
    • Regular Quality Check
    • Medical Checkup of the staff on regular basis.
    • Hand-free operation like bottle washing and filling environment.
  • Excel in service.
  • Professional Team
  • Efficient Customer Service


  • The containers/bottles shall be hygienic suitable completely clean and shall not cause any undesirable change in taste, odour or color or quality of the water. It can be inspected at random just prior to being filled and sealed.
  • It shall be packed in hermetically sealed containers of food grade material to prevent contamination of bottled water.
  • Filling and sealing operations of containers/bottles shall be done in an aseptic atmosphere so as to prevent any contamination.


  • Bottled water shall be transported by any suitable means of transport to protect it from contamination.


For Pakistan Standard for the Labelling of Pre-packaged Foods, the following provisions shall apply :
  • Name of the product – e.g. “Bottled Drinking Water”
  • Brand name or trade name if any.
  • Net volumes in System International/Metric System.
  • Name and address of the manufacturer.
  • Batch number or code number.
  • Date of Expiry.
  • Chemical composition for e.g. Sulphate, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride.
  • Pakistan Standard Number, PS Mark & License Number should be visibile on bottle.
  • Date of Bottling.
  • Location and name of the source

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